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“Providing three generations of Louisville tree care excellence.”

The Blankenship Tree Service can fulfill all of your Louisville, KY tree service needs. We have a reputation among the best Louisville tree care services. We provide expert tree care to preserve Louisville’s urban tree canopy.

2016 marked our 50th year of Louisville tree care!

The Blankenship Tree Service is a fully licensed and insured Louisville tree care company for your peace of mind, as well as a member of the Better Business Bureau. Beyond that, The Blankenship Tree Service is a professional and reputable tree care service that puts safety and tree care excellence first. Our specialties include crane tree removal, bucket service, tree trimming, stump grinding, tree cabling and bracing, structural pruning, complete tree removal and more. Additionally, we are a locally owned and operated Louisville tree service. The Blankenship Tree Service prides itself on being “a friend of old trees.”

Matt_Champion_Bur_OakOur methods of tree preservation, tree maintenance, and high standards of tree care are based on modern arboricultural practices and our combined 130 years of experience. We proudly perform the work on the state champion swamp chestnut oak (Quercus michauxii) of Fairdale, KY. We have climbed Kentucky’s national champion bur oak (Quercus macrocarpa) located in Paris, KY in the Central Bluegrass.

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Mike Blankenship is a proud veteran of the armed services and former paratrooper who has managed Louisville’s tree canopy for four decades, providing majestic older growth trees their best chance at survival. He is a certified tree risk assessor, International Society of Arboriculture (ISA) certified arborist, as well as a certified tree safety professional.

The company’s founder, Earl Blankenship has over five decades of experience in the tree industry, and remembers the days of horse logging with Belgian mares in his boyhood home of Western Kentucky. He has worked on ancient trees citywide since the 1950s, and many of the parkway trees of the Louisville Olmsted Parkways and stately towering centenarian Elms, Oaks, and Ash trees of Eastern Parkway, and Prospect, KY owe their lives to Earl Blankenship’s careful standards of perfect structural pruning.

Matt Blankenship, the third generation owner of the company, also an ISA certified arborist,  is one of Louisville’s finest equipment operators, and has singlehandedly constructed many recreational trails with innovative methods that have ranked Louisville’s trail system among the best mountain bike trails in the nation, in the challenging terrain of the Knobs region.

For  example, among our many tree care services, The Blankenship Tree Service specializes in proper tree pruning techniques and management of hazardous trees requiring limb removal through controlled rigging.

Whether its limb walking, crane removal, storm damage, stump grin733905_440329066037481_435736965_nding, full service bBlankenshipClan893970_447550951981959_439072620_oucket truck work, or treating your ash tree for Emerald Ash Borer, our certified arborists, certified tree climbers and well maintained machinery are up to any task for all of your Louisville, KY tree needs.

Not sure what all this means? Need a free estimate for Louisville tree care, structural pruning, emergency storm damage, or tree removal? We are equipped for all of your Emerald Ash Borer concerns for Louisville Ash Trees and Dutch Elm Disease Prevention.

Give us a call! Reach Mike Blankenship at 502-376-8439 or Matt Blankenship at 502-639-9728. Additionally, you can also fill out the online contact form to find out more! We’d love to talk to you about it and offer a complimentary estimate. Best, Earl, Mike, and Matt Blankenship The Blankenship Tree Service Three Generations of Tree Care Excellence, Providing Louisville Tree Care since 1966 

Last updated on  April 17, 2018